INEQ has been present at MINDTECH 2023 (Metal Industry and Technologies International Trade Fair) in Vigo (SPAIN).

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Mindtech 2023
Mindtech 2023 key moments

Metal Industry and Technologies International Trade Fair, Mindtech, is the leading industrial fair of the Iberian Pole. Of biennial periodicity, it brings together the key companies of the industrial, metallurgical and metalworking sector, as well as its related technologies at national and international level:

The industrial sector and specifically the metal industry and its associated technologies represent more than 20% of Galicia’s GDP, including different activities. One of the priority areas of any industry is internationalisation and currently almost all companies operate significantly in the international market, with extensive experience in highly complex projects.

Many of the activities are highly specialized and/or focused on innovation and the attainment of key competencies that make it a very competitive industry at an international level.

The metal sector and its associated technologies formed by a large number of activities with a degree of interrelation and drive that make it one of the most powerful sectors of the economy and with more potential for diversification into new products and markets.